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Our Founding

Left B Agency was founded 2018 by Shannon Frunza, a Barrie resident and lover of the arts. Shannon has over 10 years’ experience in advertising and marketing and experience in the television and music industry. Left B was first named The Paperwork Agency and had one solid idea: this company would support the local arts scene by taking the “paperwork” off the hands of busy artists who needed help to manage their everyday business administrative needs.

Business ideas became reality when The Creative Space, a downtown Barrie Entrepreneurial hub and co-working community, and their smOffice competition took a chance on a service that could really help the local arts community. This six-month package allowed for a branding transformation, mentorship program, headshots, seed funding, gym and yoga membership, various beauty services and others. From the generosity of this program,
Left B Agency became a business


Why Left B?

Left B = Left Brain.  Our desire is to work with and for the creative industries and artists in particular!  We know they are strong right brain thinkers and tap into all the good things that can bring.  We also know that more than not, artists hate the administration part of their “business.”  or get frustrated trying to market themselves.  In fact it’s often hard for many to see their art as a business.  That’s where LeftB come into the picture!  We want artists to focus on what’s RIGHT for them and leave what’s LEFT to us!